Christopher Martin – Big Big

Lyrics By Christopher Martin – Big Big


[Verse 1]
Chimney, from me likkle and deh country me know me did a go far
Nuff people look and never see nothing, but me see a star
See me name in bright lights and face in cinemas
Dem used to say me chest high, but look at me now
Look at me now
In full control
Me foreign a push, start press gas, go
Designer clothes and shoes like wow
A no hype, man a hype, me jus’ a show you how me grow
Remember up a country when me did a climb tree
Haffi go a river cah me couldn’t go a beach
Only time me come a town a mussi ‘pon a church trip
Or dem carry me go airport fi go pick up family
Now that family’s me, ooh wee
If you no happy fi me, then I’m sorry
‘Cause Jah bless me, ooh wee
And me block and delete the wicked gyal poverty

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