Christopher Martin – Mama

Lyrics By Christopher Martin – Mama

Fi mi mama
Where would I be lord
Where would I be
Where would I be without my mama

Mummy mi love you there is nothing mi put above you
No house nor no girl, nor no car
Stand firm in a mi life nothing no budge you
From mi born mi an you a spar
Mummy you a mi princess, mummy you a mi dan
First lady in a mi life an girl haffi understand
Special dedication to the middle man
From yo love you mama meck mi si yo hand

So buss a blank fi yo mama
Lighter fi yo mama
Selector you better pull up da one yah fi yo mama
Proud a yo mama, sing loud fi yo mama
And meck shi know you happy she bring you come yah
From yo heart help mi sing this one
From yo love yo mama like this man
There is no one like my mama no

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