Christopher Martin – Prettiest Thing

Lyrics By Christopher Martin – Prettiest Thing

Christopher Martin - Let Her Go

Uuh, uuh
Uuh, yeah
Uuh, yeah
Uuh, Lord
If Jah made any woman nicer
He kept her to himself
You’re the prettiest thing
Prettiest thing, yeah oh

If Jah made any woman better
He kept her in heaven
You’re the nicest thing
Nicest thing, yeah

Woo the rain is falling
And I am laying in bed all alone (wooh)
Oh I wish that I could pull your body through this telephone
Woo, you do things that no girl could never do
So am gonna put my heart in a little bottle just for you
And am gonna save it until you come back
I’mma save it just for you
And even though am lonely, you can trust that
I’m not gonna cheat on you

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