D0WNLOAD Album: 8Ball & MJG – Classic Pimpin

Album: 8Ball & MJG - Classic Pimpin

8Ball and MJG are legends in the game that don’t get the regard they merit. The Tennesse rappers put their state on the map and helped pioneer the southern hip-hop scene in the early 90’s. After almost three decades in the game, 8Ball and MJG have come back with another live album that reinvigorates their classic singles with a flare. Entitled Classic Pimpin, 8Ball and MJG’s latest offering is amazing for hardcore fans, and an integral part of hip-hop history that has been remade for another generation.

Classic Pimpin features 11 live tracks and a reward melody, “Take a Picture.” The album favors fans with the live forms of “Space Age Pimpin,” “Pimp Hard,” ” Don’t Want Drama,” and more. Stream Classic Pimpin on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music now.

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