D0WNLOAD ALBUM: Maggie Rogers – Heard It in a Past Life

ALBUM: Maggie Rogers - Heard It in a Past Life

Maggie Rogers is here to demonstrate her Pharrell co-sign is inside her sight. In any case, in some way or another, Rogers plans to stay away from the trappings of such high acclaim. Only two years prior, the main practical objective Rogers was never going to budge on seeking after was a chance gig at the Ballroom Bowery in New York City.

“I’m in the world of dreams you don’t say out loud. There were dreams where it was like, ‘This is ambitious but realistic and I can accomplish it,’ ” she tells GQ. “For me, all I wanted to do was play Bowery Ballroom.” And that’s precisely what she accomplished two years ago, off the strength of her prized demo reels.

From that point forward, Rogers has ascended higher than ever, and all the while, accumulated an impossible welcome from SNL, when she graciously denied Pete Davidson’s turn in marriage – it’s been said that Ariana was none excessively satisfied with Davidson’s direct that night. Be that as it may, Maggie let her tunes do the talking. Heard It in a Past Life incorporates Rogers’ breakout hit “The Frozen North.” Give it a turn and hit us with your musings.

Heard It in a Past Life

1. Give a Little
2. Overnight 
3. The Knife 
4. Alaska 
5. Light On
6. Past Life 
7. Say It
8. On + Off
9. Fallingwater  
10. Retrograde  
11. Burning 
12. Back in My Body 

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