Childish Major Returns With New Single “Feelings Hurt”


Childish Major has to prepare something because this is the second song he has released in a matter of weeks – the last is a smooth R&B, “For You”. If the song is intended to lift the spirits of women, this song can be seen as another side of the same coin. It’s not that he looks down on all women, but he calls those who have tried to involve him in some fake drama for entertainment. When he suggested in the fading melody in front of the choir, “If you can’t tell me what the problem is, dear please take care of your business.”

The theme of this song takes Childish Major to a fairly barbaric region, but no one can say he is really out of line and no one can say this song is not very pleasant. The comic line is conveyed in a flow that bounces throughout the 808s. The drained saxophone’s whining is tucked under the drum, like a scolding that cannot be bothered to overcome. The song also has an infectious choir and the video Childish shared for him shows a group of people dancing happily on the street. The song features several narratives from Guapdad 4000, whose voice captivates the ears receiving sparkle in the newly released Dreamville compilation, Revenge of the Dreamers III.

Quotable Lyrics

Please don’t take it personal, I barely even know the hoe
Ball fade from a bald head, it’s an Amber Rose
Freaky when it’s Fallon on, famous when it’s cameras on


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