Chris Brown’s New Paint Job Hallucinatory On his Lamborghini


If the goal of Chris Brown in his new whip was to go unnoticed, he failed miserably. But if he’s planning to cause accidents and break his neck, he’s going through with an A+. Today the singer has taken to social media to show off the paint job he has just got on one of his Lamborghinis and the end result is trippy, dreamlike and dangerous straight-up.

Chris Brown's New Paint Job Hallucinatory On his Lamborghini

If you drive on the freeway past this car, you’d probably tilt your head for a second look. There’s something about Chris Brown driving this vehicle on the road that just doesn’t feel safe, but it’s beyond the point. Breezy let’s all get a sneak peek at his new car, featuring one of the most crazy paint jobs you’ve ever seen. If you remember the Dubai whip of Tekashi 6ix9ine, this is on MDMA. It looks like the car’s body is floating on the ground with pitch-black wheels and when you walk by it, the colors start playing tricks on your mind. Is that pink? Teal? Blue? Who knows that?

The crazy new paint job had to be a costly job for Chris to do. He boasts a collection of crazy cars and this is just the latest addition. Breezy is likely to have a whole dealer’s worth of vehicles in his garage at this point.


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