Father Blesses Fans With New Track “A Lot On Ur Plate”


Father has reconnected with producer Meltycanon again for a new song titled, “A Lot on Ur Plate.” then we will make love to all your friends, “just the beginning. The track will end in two minutes and nineteen seconds, and that’s all Dad needs to make his point. There is a girl with lots of stuff but she still wants to be with him, “I know you have a lot of things, but, I still want to take you to dinner and put a dick in your stomach.”

The song was paired with a trippy music video that subtly edited the world around Dad as he knocked on a bar in a large house inhabited by beautiful women. Strange times like a girl wearing a mask that resembles a plague doctor alludes to the lifestyle of Eyes Wide Shut and Dad’s humor. Be sure to view the video and song below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I make this line unforgettable
I put a perc on a pedestal
Eat out a bitch like an edible


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