Iggy Azalea’s Back In The Studio With Her & Playboi Carti’s Adorable Puppy

Iggy Azalea’s Back In The Studio With Her & Playboi Carti’s Adorable Puppy

Bam provides humor and inspiration.
Iggy Azalea just downgraded her last studio album In My Defense more than a month ago and has returned to the studio working on a number of recent ones. His latest record is fronted by Doll Doll, Juicy Jm Lil Yachty, and Stini and it looks like his upcoming release features some inspiration from him and Playboi Carti’s new puppy named Bam. A small dog is seen sitting pretty in a chair with several mixing boards behind it.

Caption Iggy asks his followers to give Bam a follower on his own official Instagram page which already has more than 3,000 followers with only four pictures – what do you expect when Carti and Iggy are your parents?


Recently, Iggy talked about his discography and how he disliked “a lot” of his songs from the past.

“Of course I’m fed up with my own songs. In fact, some of them I hate. Some of the songs I make and then don’t age well, and like a year or two later I’m like, huh, what am I thinking ?! But people still like it, “he said. “So some songs that I decided I hated, I still had to perform because the fans wanted to hear them. So, yes, I’m fed up with a song. Lots of songs.”


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