Joy Postell Releases Her Newest EP “Back and Forth”

Last year, Baltimore soul singer Joy Postell released her debut album, Diaspora – an experimental exploration of the struggle of the African diaspora, the strength that could be born and what would happen if this struggle disappeared. At the Diaspora, Postell demonstrated its ability to play with a variety of sounds and textures, while still succeeding in gathering complete narratives that did not subscribe to conventional structures.

The songs on his new EP, Back and Forth, rely more on traditional R&B templates, but Postell shows again that he considers his work in holistic terms. The album’s title reflects embracing volatility which involves intimate relationships. Postell alternates between opening and missing a partner, and taking a critical and defensive attitude. Whichever side he falls, he sticks to the bigger picture of giving and attracting love.

The songs have the best R&B arrangements which are fertile and flattened and are often played with poor production. These influences lead to a lighter and more violent sonic combination, capturing the changing emotions expressed in the lyrics. The album closes with “Say My Name”, which is an open arms return for your partner at the end of the day, regardless of any tension that may have been filled.

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