Kanye West Dresses “Dapper” Dave Letterman In Yeezy Fits

Kanye West Dresses "Dapper" Dave Letterman In Yeezy Fits
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The upcoming interview with Dave Letterman and Kanye West is set to arrive in a matter of days. While we’ve already seen a few takeaways from it, Netflix has offered yet another glimpse, this one centering around Kanye playing with the 72-year-old icon extreme makeover. “Kanye, how do I look?” asks Dave Letterman, wearing a Yeezy-curated coat that emphasizes his wizard beard’s gravitas. “Oh my God, what’s he up to?” Kanye smiles, watching the new look of Letterman. “You look like an artist,” Ye answers. Dave applies the finishing touches, While Kanye holds his coat patiently, he jogs his mind down the lane of memory. “It’s like working at the GAP, bro,” he jokes, before introducing Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner to “Dapper” Dave.

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“You’re a new man,” Kim says. “You look great.” Dave seems to be in agreement. “I feel really good. That’s stuff, even if I didn’t do it, and if someone could drive me to the mall, I’d buy it. I like the colors, I like the fit. I love the shoes.” Kim asks if Kanye’s going to let Dave have it, prompting Dave to assure everyone he’s going to buy the threads; Kris Jenner and Kanye West smile in response, opening their gaze to interpretation.

It’s cool to witness Kanye’s keen eye for fashion in action, amusing and endearing though this clip may be; maybe Dave Letterman oughta will take note of it and consider ringing him up for a wardrobe overhaul. Look for My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’s full episode on May 31, exclusively on Netflix.


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