Lil Uzi Vert Teases Remix Of SimxSantana’s “FLEXIN N’ FLASHIN”

thing to watch a one-time song with a DIY video on YouTube explode from nowhere. “FLEXIN N ‘FLASHIN” from SimxSantana follows this path. Posted just four months ago, the music video is now close to 8 million plays. Artist Philly takes a year’s respite from music and returns with this song. The success story of this song is SimxSantana doing a little dance for it at a cooking show, and as is often the case with interesting songs and suitable dances, people share themselves trying to copy it on social media. With only “FLEXIN N ‘FLASHIN” on streaming service and two music videos on YouTube, the 19-year-old player has signed an agreement with Columbia Records.

When you start buzzing in your city, the ultimate validation comes from receiving the acknowledgment of your home town hero. SimxSantana has gotten an autograph on Twitter from legend Philly, Meek Mill, and both have been seen in the studio together. Now, another big name Philly pays homage: Lil Uzi Vert. On Tuesday night, Uzi shared the remix footage he recorded on “FLEXIN N ‘FLASHIN” in his Instagram story. In the No Jumper interview last month, SimxSantana said that the aim was to work with artists from his city first, registering Uzi as one of them, so seeing him go on a remix would have been very satisfying.

Beware of remixes and hope to see more SimxSantana soon.

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