Mike Posner – Fun Up Here Ft. Logic


For most of the year, Mike Posner has walked across the United States, exploring the country and try something not many artists who’ve done. Rapper / singer has had several commercial hits in his career and along the way, he was generous with his musical releases. A few weeks ago, traveling Posner (and his life) nearly ended when he was bitten by a snake in the desert. He made a trip to a nearby hospital shortly after and is still recovering but he had his back grind, continue his journey. According HHNM recording artist will release a new project this week and now, one of the new single is available for streaming / preview.

Showing Logic, “Fun Up Here” is a combination of slow, marking the perfect song to blaze up on a cold day. Fun song goes through a number of scenarios, all of which ended with Posner reach for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Detroit star can be heard rhymes with his tone calm, using a unique sound to create a contrast with Logic bar.

This song is currently only available in select international markets but will be out at midnight globally.


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