24 Heavy & Young Thug – Bling Bling

24Heavy and Young Thug’s flaunt their wealth with new single ” Bling Bling ” when talking about a girl who they want to share their ” bling ” with.
The Atlanta artist has done it again, dropping the brand new hit. ” Bling Bling ‘by Young Thug and 24Heavy talk about how they want to shower their daughters with’ bling. ”

Two previously collaborated on ” Old, “Quality Control off recently: Control the Streets Vol 2 ..

While the “old” better reflect the past, this new song better reflect their future – their career advancement, and how they are looking for a high maintenance girl they want to ruin the jewelry and sex. First, 24Heavy opened with a strong paragraph about the type of girl he is looking for, and the search may be for a wife.

Young Thug complete the second paragraph with the passion he never fails to instill in his music. His voice always gives the song an extra flare. She shows off how he ruined his family, and what it can bring to the table, if he is settled.

So be careful ladies, it looks like these people are on the look out for a wifey.

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