Bhad Bhabie – Lotta Dem

Bhad Bhabie - Lotta Dem

Because of her unique story of origin and meteroic rise to viral stardom, for the duration of her career, Bhad Bhabie is likely to cause discussion. Yet the young rapper did her best to shed any labels that might otherwise have shadowed her, and her artistic development is progressing pretty nicely for the most part. Today marks her first drop in a minute, bringing forth a two-for-one special including both the YBN Nahmir assisted “Spaz” and the solitary “Lotta Dem.” The latter finds her taking a lively percussive beat, expressing the smug satisfaction of the “mad” ones left in her wake -by her roundup, there are a lotta names corralled in her pen.

Lyrically, expect braggadocio and devil-may-care swagger delivered with a solid flow and charisma enough to make you think this could work out. She may not win the hearts of the types of Lord Jamar, of course, but YouTube comments seem to indicate a loyal and vocal fanbase that will line her pockets as long as the shows continue to come. Maybe the Bhabie will be alright with a rational head on her shoulders and a team void of serpents.

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