D0WNLOAD MP3: Bladee & Yung Lean – Red Velvet

MP3: Bladee & Yung Lean - Red Velvet

Amid his time in the rap diversion, Yung Lean has turned out to be one of the more mixed figures in the whole business. With strong albums like Stranger and progressively exploratory music in his list, Lean is effectively Sweden’s best hip-hop story from the most recent couple of years. He has worked together with bladee intensely amid his profession, dropping off huge amounts of essential blends, and now the two have connected up again for “Red Velvet.”

As you would expect, this is definitely not a conventional rap melody. Created by Holy Beats, the new tune could without much of a stretch have explored an increasingly moderate vibe however bladee and Leandoer are not about that. Bladee’s vocals are bound with autotune while Lean remains consistent with his customary misshaped blend. Supplementing the crisp sound, the team has likewise prepared a showy video, grabbing your eye and keeping it all through the melody’s length.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mouth filled with blood, now I got blood on my rug
Ten X pills, ten b*tches in the tub
Meals with my team and you crawling for the crumbs
I was born in the cave, baptized in the mud
Me and the gang in an Uber creepin’ up
Two blunts up and two cups stuffed
I’m done with this city, y’all some rats and some bums
Checks on checks, paper planes, tear it up

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