D0WNLOAD MP3: Blockhead Ft. Aesop Rock – Kiss The Cook

MP3: Blockhead Ft. Aesop Rock - Kiss The Cook

Aesop Rock has since quite a while ago cemented himself to be one of the diversion’s most front line and provocative lyricists, however his bars regularly advantage from a nearby perusing or two. All things considered, the man to a great extent bargains in theory, leaving fans to append significance as they see fit; the nearest we’ve come to hip-hop dream elucidation. Today, Rock has by and by rejoined the New York iconBlockhead, who is preparing his very own Free Sweatpants album. You may recall that Rock and Block recently connected up for the acclaimed “None Shall Pass” in 2007, which many still envoy as Aesop’s best project.

Speaking with HipHopDX, Blockhead opened up about their new collaboration “Kiss The Cook.” “It had been a while since Aes and I worked on an original song, but once we started, the pieces just fell into place,” he explains. “Mixing it was interesting because originally the production had a harsher edge, but I moved to something more melodic and upbeat.”

Look for Free Sweatpants to drop on January 18th, providing an underground-friendly alternative to releases from Future and Rich The Kid.

Quotable Lyrics

Cold roll up on a very clean easel
Turn a landscape into unspeakable evil
Eek, it’s un-freaking-believable
Freakish so we’re fitting in
Voices in his head that beleaguer the equilibrium

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