MP3: Boogie – Silent Ride

MP3: Boogie - Silent Ride

Boogie got the co-sign of a lifetime when he signed to Shady Records toward the finish of 2017. His voyage to this point has been loaded up with ups and downs, however Boogie is set to release his introduction album. He reported the title of the project, Everything’s For Sale, by means of social media and has returned just a couple of hours after the fact with the first single off the project. Entitled “Silent Ride,” Boogie’s lead single is a vibe.

Tranquil flutes vacillate behind Boogie as he comes in singing on the single. He paints a story of a man who is lost in his very own head, enabling the silence around him to facilitate his separation and investigation inside his psyche. Everything’s For Sale drops on January 25, yet up to that point, knock this new banger.

Quotable Lyrics
I know I’m wrong but let me slide
Uh, Yes I ain’t right before I ride
Just tell the world but I’m dead inside
The ride was long, I slept for five
She got my phone, I’m petrified
She read my text, I read her mind

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