Chris Rivers – Sincerely Me

Chris Rivers - Sincerely Me

Last December, when we heard from Chris Rivers, he joined the remainder of the OCD crew for a viral cypher. After becoming open about his father’s domestic abuse of his mom, Rivers produced headlines. It was a strong verse that showed the most vulnerable of Rivers and explained his connection with his dad. Now he’s coming back with his recent fall, finding him with his pops coming to a location of forgiveness.

In devotion to his dad, Chris Rivers unleashed his recent single, “Sincerely Me.” The rapper opens up on the vacuum in his life since Pun’s passing and on stuff his father’s missed in his life.”

‘Sincerely Me’ is a heartfelt homage I used as a letter to my dad, Big Pun. I wanted to tell him about my life and what I’ve been coping with since he passed away,” Rivers told VIBE. “My feelings range from forgiveness, hardship to triumph. It’s a lyrically compact display I think is showing my development as a person as well as an artist.”

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