Denzel Curry – BIRDZ Ft. Rick Ros

Denzel Curry -  BIRDZ Ft. Rick Ross

“I wanted to make my version of The Chronic,” is how Denzel Curry finished his interview with HNHH as he discussed his latest project, ZUU, at length. The 24-year-old released his highly anticipated follow-up to TA13OO on Friday morning, and fans are already calling out their favorite tracks even though it’s only been out for a few hours. There are many standouts on ZUU, and considering the versatility of the tracks, choosing which favorite is… well… a favorite is hard to choose.

Curry chose to collaborate with Flordia artists on “BIRDZ” along with many other songs on the record. Rick Ross from Maybach Music joins forces on the track with Curry and both keep an untouchable energy throughout. The two proud artists from Florida boast of their city as they spit rhymes about not caring about their world views.

Speaking of ZUU’s lyricism, Curry told us, “Yeah. I didn’t make it too complex. TA1300 was too complex. Too many complex bars within it. I just wanted to keep it simple and plain. Right to the point. Just get down to business.

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