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Following the release of two great EPs, LA-based Goon is preparing to release their full-length debut, Heaven Is Humming. Back in March, we heard his lead single, “Datura.” Now the lo-fi scuzz rockers are sharing two new tracks, “Northern Saturn” and “Snoqualmie,” along with today’s album announcement.

The new songs are talking to the range of Heaven Is Humming. “Northern Saturn” has a dark, almost bratty edge, while “Snoqualmie” — which arrives with a frontman Kenny Becker’s impressionistic video— exposes a softer side. “The whole thing is loud and hits hard, but it actually feels like it takes you places. It doesn’t really feel super cohesive to me, which I like about,” says Becker in a statement. “Hard-hitting rock songs are not just ten or eleven. It’s… weird.”

While suffering from a chronic sinus condition that required surgery, Becker wrote Heaven Is Humming and periodically weakened his senses, including hearing. “In the fact that I can be productive in times I’m not sick, I find encouragement,” he explains. “People like to romanticize the times when someone like Van Gogh suffered, for example, but it was because he was sick that he would go out and see a cherry-blossom tree and be struck by its beauty. It would make him realize,’ This may be the last time I see this, I don’t know when I will snatch this away from me again.'”

Check “Northern Saturn” and “Snoqualmie” below.

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