D0WNLOAD MP3: House Of Feelings – “We All Know” Ft. Felicia Douglass

House Of Feelings – “We All Know” (Feat. Felicia Douglass)

The NYC move music aggregate House Of Feelings broke our rundown of the Best New Bands Of 2018 on the quality of introduction album New Lows. The album, which highlighted any semblance of Meredith Graves and Shamir among others, proceeded with the gathering’s propensity for recontextualizing and drawing out the best in their colleagues.

Today House Of Feelings are back with another intriguing collaborator. Felicia Douglass of Ava Luna and Gemma delivers an impassioned house diva turn on the burbling, low-key chaotic dancefloor workout “We All Know.” House Of Feelings member Matty Fasano describes it as “a house song about environmental apocalypse” (see: the dead or dying Waluigi on the cover art) and says it’s the first in a series of singles they’ll release this year.

Among the things we all know but can’t say, according to Douglass: “Money ruins everything,” “People will get used to anything,” “Our self-control can only go so far,” “Our happiness breaks someone else’s heart.” It’s rad, so listen below.


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