Kash Doll – Kitten ft. Lil Wayne

Kash Doll - Kitten ft. Lil Wayne

Kash Doll’s “Ice Me Out” single was buzzing, letting individuals know she’s about to create a catchy hit, and now Kash Doll is back with Lil Wayne’s song “Kitten.” It’s always a nice look to get Lil Tunechi on a track, and the Lousiana rapper spits a few bars that add some flavor to the album. Kash Doll has the capacity for listeners to produce catchy bops, providing songs that appeal to her fan base.

“Kitten” is a simple single with a playful, almost chant-like chorus. She lets the fellas know that they won’t get anywhere with her just after her kitten. After the two met backstage at a party, the Detroit artist was able to connect with Lil Wayne. She disclosed she was amazed that after mentioning that he was a fan of “Ice Me Out,” he even knew who she was.

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