Key Glock – Spazzin Out

Key Glock - Spazzin Out

Key Glock resurfaces with a brand new “Spazzing Out” video and song. The song, much like the video, embodies the unwillingness of the rapper to allow his legal troubles to come into his best life. It also contains actual footage from his last month’s Miami arrest. The news report used in the visuals displays the arrest of the rapper. The charges involved carrying a hidden firearm and holding more than 20 grams of marijuana. As part of the video, Glock’s release footage is also captured.

Key Glock’s blinged-out jewelry and luxury cars quickly foreshadow the latter, which he proudly flaunts. Clearly, the video makes a bold statement and suggests that Key Glock will not go anywhere in the near future. The head-bopper carries a hard bass that can be felt throughout the video as Key Glock vibrates and cruises across his Memphis hometown.

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