MP3: Murs – Ga$ Station Gucci Belt

Murs - Ga$ Station Gucci Belt

As Murs fans proudly attest, the underground scene remains vibrant and full of talent. The Los Angeles rapper, a veteran in the game with eight studio albums under his belt, has put various vibes into work. Obviously, he has forged quite a magnificent musical partnership with producer 9th Wonder, who has earned his own storied reputation working with Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Mac Miller, and many more; in fact, there are some who could even place him among the best producers of hip-hop ever, with valid cases to be made. So naturally, the results often speak for themselves when he and Murs connect.

Today marks the arrival of two drops from Murs and the seventh collaborative album from 9th The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey is Over, scheduled to arrive on 19 July. One of the songs, “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt,” finds that Murs is embracing a hard-hitting and gully instrumental, mixing nerdy imagery with sharp social commentary as he can. “Keeping the door locked, I prayed to the warlocks, around the time Rodney King met the four cops,” he spits, letting the volumes of his images speak.

Now check out this one.


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