Murs – Night Shift

Murs - Night Shift

Murs and 9th Wonder have re-united officially, preparing to release their seventh collaborative album The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey is Over. Today, the pair has come forward with two singles, including the flawlessly lyrical “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt,” which fully displays Murs ‘ inclination for fantastic realism. Murs takes on a soft piano sample on his counterpart, the Kash-produced Night Shift, to reflect on his nocturnal tendencies. “Early engaged on stage,” he spits in the opening bars. “It’s been years before I got paid for the love of culture, the culture I love, I’ve been killing that stage I’ve been building my buzz.”

He goes on to explain that the mainstream was not always tailored to his lyrical content, but he remained true to himself regardless. Murs continues to be brutally honest in a refreshingly eloquent fashion, citing his own come-up days selling dope to fund his budding recording career. With the album set to be released on July 19th, listen to singles as well as sound off below-is this new one on your radar from Murs and 9th Wonder?

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