Ocean Wisdom – ISN’T IT? Ft. Freddie Gibbs

Ocean of Wisdom Fresh off the release of his latest project, Big Talk Vol. 1. The 27-track project includes the features of some of the legends of impurities such as Ghetts and Dizzee Rascal but he also tread American soil for the stand-out track, “NOT IT?” Now, the Ocean of Wisdom known for its speed and quick rap on “RIGHT?”, He recruited one rapper who has one of the most versatile flow in the game now, Freddie Gibbs. In the “RIGHT?” Ocean of Wisdom gives windy before cutting sharp hook bar that cuts through the production of warpage.

Freddie Gibbs came through with a stand-out clause on this track, though. Rapper Midwestern dishes out the smooth flow before the jump took the approach of damn-near Young Thug tone of voice as he walked over twice while keeping the flow of super thugged out.

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