D0WNLOAD MP3: Oozing Wound – Tween Shitbag

MP3: Oozing Wound – Tween Shitbag

Nightmarish and instinctive Chicago thrashers Oozing Wound have declared another album called High Anxiety, and all the melody titles are extremely incredible. The first is designated “Surrounded By Fucking Idiots.” The second one is classified “Filth Chisel.” The third one, debuting today, is classified “Tween Shitbag.” The fourth one is designated “Die On Mars.” The fifth one is designated “Birth Of A Flat Earther.” The 6th one is designated “Riding The Universe,” which, OK, isn’t keeping pace with the others yet is as yet reminiscent. The seventh and last track is classified “Vein Ripper.” Hard to beat that batting normal.

Since we’ve set up that Oozing Wound are great at naming things, we should concentrate on music, another subject matter for the trio. As per an official statement, “Tween Shitbag” is a tirade against “industry players that exchange on and commodify subculture.” In a tweet, the band expounds that the tune “is about crappy fellows playing in crappy groups and being crappy individuals.”

“Tween Shitbag” begins with Zack Weil atonally wailing, “Oh man, I really love your band!” From there it’s a lockstep battalion at runaway train speed, surging forward with bayonets out. Partway through the band gets caught up in the muck they’re railing against and “Tween Shitbag” descends into gnarly sludge soundbombing you could almost describe as pigfuck — a subgenre name Oozing Wound are surely fond of.

Listen below.

Here’s that killer tracklist again:

01 “Surrounded By Fucking Idiots”
02 “Filth Chisel”
03 “Tween Shitbag”
04 “Die On Mars”
05 “Birth Of A Flat Earther”
06 “Riding The Universe”
07 “Vein Ripper”

High Anxiety is out 3/15 on Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

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