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Mo' Checks

There’s nothing better than listening to Peedi Crakk talk about the ROC glory days in all his candor, but wouldn’t we rather see his talent put to good use. It may not apply to anyone else, but Peedi Peedi will go down in infamy as one of hip-hop’s great talents left unexplored. We’ve all heard the theories, stories, and anecdotes from the ROC alumnus, all purporting a positively-skewed agenda. But the question persists, at least in my mind: why didn’t Peedi pop like the best of ’em.

The answers lies within a person’s will to live outside of their music. So, it’s with great pleasure that I forward this new Peedi stencil released on producer Ravage Beatz’ personal SoundCloud page. As is often the case with former ROC field marshall, Peedi Crakk’s performance on “Mo’ Checks” offers the listener a crash course in old-school fidelity. Peedi hasn’t lost his charm, the one trait that distinguished from the bullish crowd amassed in his neighborhood set. Peedi was for the longest time, signed to G-Unit’s subsect in Philly. Hit us with your thoughts on the new record, if you’re up to it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Took a rest, never left
Still the best, yesss
That’s just how I’m feeling, I confess
Mo’ checks, mo’ flex, mo’ checks, mo’ flex
Hold up, let me get a sip of Moet.


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