Skepta – Glow in the Dark Feat. WizKid & Lay-Z

Skepta -  Glow in the Dark Feat. WizKid & Lay-Z

Skepta is well on its way to introduce itself to a whole new movement. Skeppy, shy of delving into grim revivalism, has actually zeroed in on a sound that is instinctual and unplaceable. Take for size his recent partnership with Lay-Z and WizKid. “Glow in the dark,” as is Bliss in many of the songs about Ignorance, is not particularly hard to deconstruct.

The comparison that comes to mind regarding the DIY practices of Skepta is that of a devotee listening diligently to every instruction of their coach. Only the sponge-like Skepta can sustain itself when said coach leaves his disciples for an incentivized retirement.

The remaining peons are slipping through the cracks. Also worthy of praise are the other participants on “Glow in the Dark.” The refrain of Lay-Z on the ears is quite soft, there’s no denying it. He and WizKid are placing some kind of swap at one point without notifying the audience. Tell me, can the difference be spotted?

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