D0WNLOAD MP3: Yelawolf – Gangsta Walk Freestyle

MP3: Yelawolf - Gangsta Walk Freestyle

Yelawolf was quiet for the greater part of 2018. He dropped a music video, however the Alabama artist’s essence on the hip-hop scene was generally absent. Yela is quietly building Trunk Music 3, which will be his last collection under Shady Records. While we as a whole hang tight for Yela’s last Shady venture, he has hit the studio to favor fans with another free-form. Alabama meets Tennessee when Yela raps over Memphis rapper Gangsta Boo’s banger “Gangsta Walk.”

Yela shows his inclination for quick streams, snide jokes, and many-sided entendres over bass-heavy production. He sounds reinspired on the track, giving fans hope for whatever Yela will drop straightaway. While you sit tight for Trunk Music 3, this will hold you over. Hopefully, 2019 will be the time of Yela.

Quotable Lyrics
Look at all my puppy dogs, daddy left you in the kitchen
Now you fucking going off, cooking up a new rendition
Country rappers on my balls, look at all the red neck-ism
Should’ve popped some Adderal, I wasn’t paying attention

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