MUSIC: Rasheed Chappell – Manna From Heaven

Rasheed Chappell - Manna From Heaven

The year is coming to a close quickly, but that won’t stop more hip-hop stars from surprising their audiences with incredible new albums before the year is over in 2022. Rasheed Chappell, who hails from New Jersey, is yet another musician who has revealed that he will be releasing a full-length album in the weeks to come. Chappell made the announcement in conjunction with the release of the “Manna From Heaven” single.

Over the beat that was produced by Little Vic, RC raps to the audience, “Liquor stores, white dope fiends speakin’ on Fentanyl / Speaking on Fentanyl,” while describing a seedy and drug-filled environment. Teeth falling out of their mouth, smelling like yesterday / Like they just slept in it. You are familiar with the fatigues, the days of war, and the uniforms. My n*ggas, keep it on them; the heat is tucked right in their jeans.

The creator of the hit song “Sinners & Saints” is probably best known for his work with TRUST Gang, which he did alongside 38 Spesh, Ransom, Che Noir, and other artists. However, on his upcoming release, A Portrait Of, it appears that the lyricist will be contributing 12 solo tracks to the album.

A press release provides a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released album by saying, “On his forthcoming album, Rasheed Chappell delivers soulful sonics, piercingly honest thoughts, and deep reflections surrounding his career, life, and high hopes for a brighter future.” The album is expected to be released very soon.

Other notable releases from the veteran of the hip-hop genre include “Stone Cold” with B.a. Badd and Bub Styles, “RaMu$” starring The Musalini and 38 Spesh, as well as his cameo on Reckonize Real’s “Foreign Cars AMG” alongside Freeway and Ufo Fev.

You can listen to “Manna From Heaven” below on Apple Music or Spotify, and be sure to circle December 9 on your calendar to ensure you don’t miss Rasheed Chappell’s new album, A Portrait Of.

Quotable Lyrics:

Liquor stores, white dope fiends speakin’ on Fentanyl

Teeth missin’ out of they mouth, smell like the day before

Days of war, army fatigue, you know the uniform

Heat tucked right in they jeans, my n*ggas keep it on ’em

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