Offset Reminds The Forgetful That Migos Are “BEST GROUP ALIVE”

Migos has made a habit of ruffling feathers, especially when they fall into the “all time” discussion category. Not long ago Offset dubbed Migos as “The Biggest Group Ever,” which received a respectful but firm response from the Turk of the Hot Boys: “For people who say they are the best group, not the best group now what they do, but the best group who ever existed? “said Turk,” disrespectful human, damn it, you dig? I’m not going to be right, I’m in a big group, like imitated to this day – including Migos … The new Migos Hot Boys, they do their thing. “

Migos picture
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And then there is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who feel offended by Migos’s disrespect for their parents. At that time, Layzie Bone outlined his position, saying, “It’s like young people versus old people, but really, that’s not the problem. It’s about paying salaries to masons. For people who came before us. ” However, Migos remains unmoved, and dare I say, unshaken in their judgment. Now, Offset is again risking its claim once again, this time laughing at the inevitable fall.

“BEST GROUP ALIVE DONT @ Me lol,” he wrote, next to a picture of himself, Quavo, and Takeoff. Of the bats, YG and Quality Control support the claim, but it would not be surprising to see some groups capturing feelings as a result. Of course, it is very possible that Offset knows exactly what he is doing, and is only seeking attention for Control The Streets Volume 2. Whatever it is, this is an interesting discussion – is Migos currently the Best Group Alive?

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