Rick Ross Praises Denzel Curry’s Wordplay, Intention, & Heart


A few days ago, Big Rick Ross left Port Of Miami’s tenth studio album, which featured a prominent appearance from fellow Floridian Denzel Curry. Today, during a conversation with Amazon’s Rap Rotation, Rozay opened up about being vulnerable to candles, as well as his experience working with younger talents such as Denzel.

“I’m more emotional,” Ross said, about his latest release. “Some of the notes that I know have touched on things that I have never done before. I think it must be a real anesthetic for my real fans.” Explained that his stature as a “boss” gave him certain responsibilities, especially on his tenth album. “This album must feel a certain level of balance,” he began. “Between established artists, established producers, and young artists and young producers. And I want to start with Denzel Curry, my own city. Straight out of Miami. Even closer to me, he is immediately out of Carol City.”

“He is an extraordinary player,” Rozay continued. “His energy isn’t like the others. But his play of words, his intentions, his heart. He was very sincere. We made a recording,” Running The Streets, “and this note turned out to be more than just ‘looking for your homie.’ Port Of Miami 2 he had no room for that. He spoke to his unborn son, and I approached a number of things from my family and my homies. That was a very lively note and I salute Denzel for smoking it. “

“Running The Streets” marks the second collaboration this year between Denzel and Renzel, following the “Birdz” from Zuu’s extraordinary creator. It’s nice to see Ross showing love to one of Florida’s best young artists, and we can only hope that the partnership materializes into some exciting new music. Look at the clip below, and listen – does “Running The Streets” highlight the album?


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