Spotify Rewards The Dozers With Sleep Timer Long Request


Streaming giant Spotify remains constantly ahead of the curve. Today, according to a Times Now report, a long-requested feature, the Sleep Timer, has been added to the popular application. Now, this may not sound like a monumental change, but for those who value a pre-sleep listening session, it may very well prove valuable. In fact, you can definitely make a case that with optional headphones lying in bed in full dark is the ideal setup to consume a project. However, should one take that particular route, the fact that the music goes on in slumber can lead to some strange side effects when it comes to dreams and temporal grounding.

Spotify Rewards The Dozers With Sleep Timer Long Request

Now, for a duration of their choice, users can set a Sleep Timer, selecting how long the music will continue before automatically shutting off. Reports quote the process as simple: hit the three dots next to a track and choose between intervals of 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, or one hour. Apparently, the duration of iOS users may be much more specific, while Android users are limited to the existing options of Spotify. What’s this feature you think of? Could you be interested in using it?



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