Travis Scott Teases “Look Mom I Can Fly” Netflix Project, Hands Out VHS Copies

Travis Scott and Netflix seem to be working together for something unique. Travis Scott’s have had one hell of a year since Astroworld’s release. The cults he constructed over the years helped to push him into stardom as he became a fixture in the pop culture of the mainstream. While he appeared to have spent most of the summer handling a few festival dates and spending time with the fam, it seems that he has also been working silently on another project that expects to arrive at Netflix later this month.

If you’re fortunate, you might get an early glimpse of the upcoming project with Netflix from Travis Scott. The rapper went to Instagram to show that Look Mom I Can Fly, the project with Netflix, has advanced VHS copies. The rapper shared a Houston place where individuals could meet him to capture a copy of the project. Netflix hasn’t even verified the project yet, but on August 28, advertising posters seen outside the site revealed it will be accessible on Netflix.

Again, there was not much information revealed about the project, but many point out that it could very well be a documentary that wouldn’t be surprising at all. Netflix appears to be cashing in on the hype around the name of the rapper and the overall allure of his mysterious image after the year that Travis Scott has had. Keep skinny eyes.

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