VIDEO: DaBaby – Pony

VIDEO: DaBaby – Pony

From his strong debut project, Baby on Baby, DaBaby officially attached visuals to the joint “Pony.” While the comical video easily emerges as a contribution to the yeehaw movement, represented by rapper Lil Nas X, the lyrical flow of DaBaby reminds us that this is hip hop. The amusing video reveals the acting skills of DaBaby as he portrays a ruthless mobster, threatening to behead a pleading victim. The gore of the video suggests the killer bars of DaBaby. A pony, of course, appears in the video and the latter to do justice to the song.

The latest DaBaby news included an altercation between the bodyguards of the rapper and an overzealous fan. The boy was beaten by DaBaby’s security detail after he allegedly became overly persistent in his request to get a photo with DaBaby. Newer reports indicated that immediately after the incident, the victim was hospitalized and has since fallen into a coma. The news may return to DaBaby somehow and cause him some serious trouble. However, we hope the victim will pull through.


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