VIDEO: Knoxxy – Clout Drought

Knoxxy released her latest DVMN drevmer effort in KESWiCK or DDGK’s GRVY earlier this year, and now she’s back with the 17-track project’s first video. The co-founder of the DVMN PIGEON brand liaised with Muggz Logan to deliver their single “Clout Drought,” and both have an epic kickback in the visual of California’s party-centered livin

The couple are calling on some of their closest friends— including rump-shaking women who don’t fear showing a little skin — and filming themselves to take over a luxury home. A white Ferrari is parked in a private alley where women clamor for their attention surround Knoxxy and Muggz. According to Knoxxy, as she prepares to roll out new music for the summer, she will release a few more visuals to support her latest project. Check out the visual for “Clout Drought” by Knoxxy and Muggz Logan and let us know what you think.

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