VIDEO: Rich Brian – 100 Degrees

Rich Brian has improved greatly since his debut as a parody a few years ago – a story that appears very similar to the story of Joji, a stablemate. However, even when this level of artistry increased tenfold, subjectively speaking – Rich Brian was never one of stepping out or losing his evil charm.

In the “100 Degrees” music video, Brian develops through the holy timeline only he knows well. The first obstacle he went through was the spread of his teenage years as a lifeguard, separating himself into the brief, yet spectacular world of fashion. Why does “keep it real” when Rich Brian shows us that pretending can only be touched if it’s not BETTER. The video, directed by DAPS is encouraged to support Brian’s latest album, The Sailor (released at the end of July).

For all things, Naik, make sure not to check all the other boxes, in the divine posture of a figure like a monk. Rich Brian used to run aimlessly before he dropped the Chigga moniker, and he was better for it.

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