VIDEO: Tory Lanez – Broke Leg Feat. Quavo & Tyga

Have you been expecting anything else from this group of guys? Of these three, Tyga has proved that there will be some twerking going on in just about every video he will ever release in his lifetime. It’s not uncommon to see women bouncing their booties in either Migos or Tory Lanez videos, so when Quavo Huncho teamed up with Tory and T-Raw, the three of them put together a crazy party where they seem to be the only men present.

The “Broke Leg” video has just arrived after Tory Lanez told fans that it went platinum in about ten seconds after the song hit streaming. The summer smash is a strip club anthem so you should anticipate a lot of ass in terms of a video. There are some impressive twerking features in the “Broke Leg.” The most sensational moment comes when the raper trio stands on top of a pyramid consisting entirely of women sticking out and shaking their asses. Director Christian Breslauer made sure to get the most out of all the on-set video vixens, giving them guidance on how violently they can move their back in every scene.

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