VIDEO: Twelve’Len – Lets Stay

When it comes to dropping music videos, Carol City artist Twelve’Len doesn’t conform to any set of time-specific regulations and we’re here for it. The singer published his first single “Let’s Stay” back in August 2018, and the Flowerpop-directed visual was lastly published yesterday. It feels like Twelve’Len once again pays homage to his hometown, and by showing them in the video to those nearest to him who have backed him throughout his life. As with his last music video, “Thank the Gang,” he also chose to go for a vintage feel for his visual.

Twelve’Len is unlike any other style, and the rapper-turned-singer shared how he evolved as an artist with Miami New Times. “It just got over-saturated, and it was done by everyone,” Twelve said of rap. “I needed to do something else, so I started to add melodies under my raps. It got to where I was like,’ You know what? I’m going to sing on those songs.’ Eventually, I just weaned myself off the rap.”

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