Yung Bans ft Lil Skies – Waterslide [Music]

Yung Bans & Lil Skies -“Waterslide

Yung Bans is here for the good times. Today, the rapper has come through with a string of new tracks, incorporating a coordinated effort with Lil Skies called “Waterslide.”

Taking to a delicate, fringe accommodating steel drum circle, Bans makes a point to speak to for himself in like manner. “30 on my glock, it’ll blow your face off,” raps Bans, his lullaby-flow juxtaposing with the sinister lyrics. “Siamese twins, suck the dick, have a taste off,” he proposes, with a casual air of “why

Skies sets it off with the opening section, riding the instrumental with an engaged conveyance. Letting his emotional tinged vocals resound, the rapper’s concise refrain finishes up before he can exceed his welcome.

Bans himself grabs the slack with an end section, bopping alongside a dull impression of his come-up. “I am sorry for continually being a terrible child,” he reflects, before strongly gloating about the previously mentioned face-softening glock. By this point, a multifaceted guitar arpeggio includes an appreciated feeling of lavishness to the instrumental. Peep this one at this point.

Quotable Lyrics

Mama workin day and night to spend her last cent
I apologize for always being a bad kid
Ride around with that ratchet, stretch a n***a elastic

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