Baby Rose’s Debut “To Myself” Album Is Here

There is no doubt in the eternal element that surrounds the Baby Rose catalog.

Earlier this year, the Atlanta-based singer carved her own soul niche with the arrival of a trio of singles. Letting the wounds permeate with the appearance of the powerful Revenge of the Dreamers 3, sirens that have received joint signs from people like J, Cole, SZA and Kehlani are now sharing their debut studio album through Human Re Sources.

To Myself takes the form of an emotive open letter that introduces the beginner’s ear to a rich and satisfying new focal point in the ever-changing R&B landscape in 2019. Equipped with charming and distinctive vocals, Baby Rose floats easily on its arrival platform and gives lovers something interesting genre to cling to.

Pamper yourself with Baby Rose’s To Myself debut below now.

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