Sonny Digital Drops New Singe “Higher”


If you ever thought Sonny Digital would try boogie or disco, think of yourself as a minority. With his latest SoundCloud “Higher” which has been making rounds for 4 days now, Sonny is now free to linger as a mononym, because he doesn’t owe it to anyone, to uphold something specifically. It’s almost unimaginable to see Sonny Digital taking this route, at the level of style. “High” is essentially not rooted in experimentalism or craze for the 80s, but rather a scenario where Sonny plays on the deck under the spiritual guidance of a cocaine cowboy.

“Higher” is far different from Sonny’s last attempt: “Work” a song in which he bravely took a sample of Clairo’s “Pretty Girl” to produce positive results. Encouraged to sing out loud for the first time in a very long time, Sonny has proven himself to be a diligent self-learner – someone who has never been complacent more than one time at a time. If the re-tread boogie isn’t stuck, Sonny will surely pay attention, and reinvent himself, because he has done it many times. If anything, “Height” proves that space travel still has a strong supporting shield to attract. Hit us in the comments with your thoughts on the note.


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