Jeezy Pays $112K To Producers Who Claim He Stole “I Ball, I Stunt”: Report

Jeezy Pays $112K To Producers Who Claim He Stole “I Ball, I Stunt”: Report

They say he copied their song word for word.
Rapper Atlanta Jeezy may close his Thug Motivation chapter by releasing his latest effort, TM1041: The Legend of The Snowman, but he is reportedly still haunted by a court case involving the 2011 mixtape, The Real Is Back. According to Bossip, in 2015, Edaz and Edward Redden’s brothers filed a lawsuit against Jeezy who accused him of stealing their song to make his hit song “I Ball, I Stunt” featuring Scrilla. They said that they continued their demo to Jeezy and claimed that he copied their lyrics word for word.

“I was like, ‘I know that’s not our song,'” Edward told Fox2Now News. “After I heard word for word, I said, ‘This man got our song.'” Edaz added, “He took word for word. Throughout the title, he put a comma where we put the comma. He took the entire song title, he took hook, everyone. “

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Jeezy reportedly never officially responded to this case, so in turn, a default decision was made against her. The rapper was ordered to pay more than $ 112 thousand, but Bossip stated that he never did. Four years later, Edaz returned to court and sued Jeezy once again for not paying his debt. But this time, Jeezy did not let the judge take the decision and reportedly quietly finished it.

The Real Is Back is Jeezy’s 10th mixtape guided by Drama DJs who entertain features from artists including Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Freddie Gibbs, and Yo Gotti. This became a certified gold project.


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