Lil Pump Goes Wild On Danny Wolf’s New Song “Never Stop”


Lil Pump carries her youthful energy wherever she goes. From the studio to the stage, Pump only radiates good energy. Even though he may not be everyone’s favorite rapper, he is guaranteed to make mosh walk holes and children run amok. Nobody goes to Floridian discography for straight bars. People listened to Lil Pump get lost at the time with the hype rambling about what seemed unimportant. He brought that energy to Danny Wolf’s new mixtape to start everything, telling us all that his lifestyle would “Never Stop” in rapid succession.

With the efforts of the Slump God Ski Mask, Yung Bans, Lil Tecca, Lil Skies, and many others, Pump has one of the most exciting inclusions in the new project. The song fades randomly at the end, which is a bit strange, but this is just an example of mastering Pump and Wolf every time they work together. What do you think about this?

Quotable Lyrics:

Smokin’ Gelato, I’m watchin’ a movie
Rockin’ designer, I’m rockin’ the Gucci
Poppin’ a molly, I’m drinkin’ a smoothie
Shoot it out, all like this shit Call of Duty
Wearin’ Balmain, bitch, this shit ain’t no Ksubis
Dive in that pussy, that shit a jacuzzi
Can’t go to class, I don’t got my toolie
Can’t go to class, I don’t got my toolie


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