Money Man Returns With “Stay Down” Freestyle


For the past year or so, it feels like Money Man has returned to the drawing board to try and restart his career. He signed a contract with Cash, a label known to hinder the careers of many artists in the game. But he bought himself from his contract and returned to independent work. He released music – even if it wasn’t mixed – at high volumes be it singles, demos or freestyles. He still maintains the same type of output but it feels like it’s been a minute since we heard some new music from him. Now, he returns with a new freestyle entitled, “Stay Down.”

If you’ve ever been looking for new music from Money Man, YouTube’s place is a good place to start. He took down a new freestyle entitled, “Stay Down.” Sounds a bit harsh but Money Man still makes it work. More than guitar-based production, he touched the trap and his rise to become boss.

Take a peek at the track below.

Quotable Lyrics
Stay down in the trap
Ain’t nobody gonna watch my back like me
Stay down in the trap like I broke my knee
In the trap, makin’ all these pounds decrease


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