MP3: FIDLAR – By Myself

FIDLAR are as yet grinding away, and toward the finish of this current month they’re discharging their most recent album, Almost Free. They’ve been putting out a series of singles in the course of the last lotta months that have included “Are You High?,” “Too Real,” “Can’t You See,” and “Alcohol,” and today they’re releasing another one called “By Myself.”

It was written in Hawaii and, in run of the mill joking design, FIDLAR pioneer Zac Carper had this to state about it: “I called up all my homies to have a drink with me and no one showed up. What a bunch of kooks.” It’s another relentlessly snappy one from the Los Angeles punks and works to a delightful dancey squirm. It comes appended to a music video including photograph stall vids of some LA notables.

Tune in and watch underneath.

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