MUSIC: Cousin Stizz – Toast 2 That ft. Freddie Gibbs


Just out of the announcement of her upcoming album Trying To Find My Next Thrill, Stizz’s cousin has doubled with another new single from this project. This time, Stizz brought “Toast 2 That,” a collaboration with lyricist Bandana and truly elite rapper Freddie Gibbs. Taking to some hard productions from Tedd Boyd and Lil Rich, Stizz started with a relaxed flow, choosing to sail against natural instrumental tendencies. That does not mean his approach is ineffective, because Stizz’s charisma ensures he will survive in any situation.

Still, it might be fun watching him leave, especially when standing next to people like Gangsta Gibbs. In turn, Gibbs is unable to show restraint, many of our collective benefits. As he did with Bandana, Gibbs began making short works from his chosen background, further validating himself as one of the best rappers in the game. Although the intensity reached a peak higher than Stizz itself, the chemistry between the two parties should not be rejected. Look for the new project of Cousin Stizz which arrived on August 14th, and start with your thoughts about this one below.


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