MUSIC: THEY. Ft. Dillon Francis – Til I Die


After releasing their heavily featured Fireside project last year, THEY. back with another collaboration. This time, the big name feature is electronic producer, Dillon Francis, who is best known for his 2014 summer song, “Get Low.” While Francis popularized moombahton, the combination of house and reggaeton, “Til I Die” showed him experimenting with the arena of rock and trap. Fuzzy drop tuned guitar riffs and sirens spin abundantly while THEY. Dante Jones and Drew Love sing a choir that can sing together. When you ask an electronic producer for a rap song, you will most likely go for grandiose sounds that will make people bang their heads and jump around. THEY. and Dillon Francis succeeded in making a track that has such a high level of energy. It’s not hard to imagine a crowd moshing and chorus screaming as THEM. stone on the stage.

Quotable Lyrics

Imma pour out one for the set
Boy, til there’s nothing left
Gonna run to the bread til we all get them baguettes
Hear them footsteps coming cause we coming for the check


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